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What is a double handle faucet The characteristics and advantages of a double handle faucet

Faucets are commodities that we come into contact with every day. Whether it is a public place or a private residence, as long as it is used, it is inseparable from the faucet. However, there are many types of faucets, and different faucets have different performance characteristics. Just like our families often use single-handle faucets and double-handle faucets, so what is a double-handle faucet? What is the difference between it and a single faucet? Let's take a look at it together.

double handle faucet
What is a double handle faucet - understanding of double handle faucet
The double-handle double-hole faucet means that the hot and cold water are introduced through two pipe holes respectively, while the water outlet is controlled by two valves and flows out from one faucet. Its water temperature is realized by the left and right adjustments controlled by two valves, and its water temperature is easier to control. The actual use is less.
What is a double handle faucet - the characteristics of a double handle faucet
Compared with the single-handle faucet, the double-handle faucet occupies a little more area, but it is powerful, and can enjoy cold water and hot water separately at the first time, which is more practical and beautiful.
1. Desktop double-handle faucet: The hole position on the kitchen basin determines whether this type of faucet can be used, so it is best to use supporting products, and the two handles save cooling and hot water respectively. If you have children in your family, the design of this type of faucet is safer, and the hot hands caused by indistinguishable cold and hot water will be avoided as much as possible.
2. Wall-mounted faucet: You can match different types of kitchen basins according to your preferences, and make full use of the wall above the kitchen basin, which not only saves space, but also is very beautiful. However, because domestic architectural designs rarely use water channels to hide in the kitchen, it will be relatively difficult to maintain. The main reason is that all water pipes are buried in the wall.
What is a double handle faucet - which one is better, a double handle double hole or a single handle double hole faucet
Choose a single-handle kitchen faucet, and it is best to choose a faucet with a long handle, because in the kitchen, we hold other things in our hands, or our hands are oily. It is much more convenient.
For the shower faucet, if you use a gas water heater at home, it is much more convenient to choose a double-handle faucet. Although many gas water heaters are constant temperature now, because everyone in the family feels differently, it is still necessary to use a shower faucet. Mix the water from the faucet to fine-tune the temperature.
Ordinary single-handle faucets, when adjusting, the water volume of the hot water pipe and the cold water pipe change together, which is difficult to control, but it is much more convenient to use a double-handle faucet. Just turn on the hot water faucet to the maximum first, and then turn on the cold water It is enough to turn on the faucet to the appropriate amount, and for some water heaters without low-pressure start, because the water volume of the hot water pipe is always opened to the maximum, the water heater will not extinguish the fire when the water temperature is adjusted.
I believe that everyone has already understood after reading the introduction of the editor, what is a double-handle faucet, and a double-handle faucet is actually a hot and cold water faucet. Because many families have installed water heaters now, especially in winter, the kitchen will also use hot water. However, if an ordinary single-handle faucet is installed, it is impossible to use hot and cold water together, so according to Installing a double handle faucet will be extremely convenient.