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Choosing Custom Polished Stainless Steel Sinks Manufacturers

If you are looking for a new sink for your home, then you should consider purchasing a custom-polished stainless steel sink from a reputable manufacturer. You can choose a manufacturer who offers a complete line of sinks in different finishes and sizes. Among them is one that is certified to be made in the United States from 18-8 stainless steel. You should also be aware that the cheaper options in the market have a rough or matte finish, which is inferior in terms of hygiene and corrosion resistance. However, the blended satin finishes stand up to heavy use the best.

The high-polish finish is more commonly found in European kitchens and commercial kitchens. It is obtained by mechanical abrading and produces a mirror-like look. You should consider the following measurements when choosing a custom sink: bowl depth, taper, and radius. The extra-deep bowl can take up a large amount of space inside, and this can affect the installation schedule. In addition, if you plan to install an undermount sink, you should be aware of the sanitary concerns and safety features of the sink.

The brushed surface finish has many advantages, such as scratch-resistant properties. However, it requires a higher investment in molds and equipment. Stainless steel sinks with a brushed surface finish can be difficult to clean as soot and food particles will accumulate within the pattern. Custom-polished stainless steel sinks are also difficult to maintain and require careful cleaning. If you want a high-quality custom-made sink, look no further than Leiz International.

You should also consider gauge. Stainless steel is typically made of 16 or 18-gauge steel. The thicker the steel, the more durable it will be. The higher the gauge, the better. A 16-gauge stainless steel sink is made of 1.5mm-thick material. You should also consider the ADA-compliant sink system, which is a hands-free, heavy-duty commercial-grade option.

Undermount sinks can be any depth, as long as the countertop meets ADA requirements. The sink depths available in most manufacturers range from four-1/2 inches to six-1/2 inches in half-inch increments. Countertop thickness is typically assumed to be 3/4-inch to one inch. If you want your countertop to meet the requirements, you should choose a sink depth of 6-1/2 inches or more.