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Advantages of a Two Handle Faucet

A Two Handle Faucet has many advantages over a single-handle model. It is less likely to leak, easy to maintain, and more aesthetically appealing. Some people are more comfortable with a two-handle faucet, while others may prefer its easier manual dexterity. If you're having trouble deciding between the two, consider the tips below. Read on to discover the best features of a two-handle model.

Less likely to leak
Single-handle faucets can be difficult to install. Double-handle faucets require two holes on your countertop. While this means more drilling and cleanup, it also means that there are more parts and they can be more difficult to repair. Also, a two-handle faucet can leak less often because of its design. Both types of faucets have their benefits. Two-handle faucets are less likely to leak because of their design, and they tend to last longer.
Single-handle faucets are safer for children. Single-handle faucets can also be adjusted for hot and cold water. Single-handle faucets use a control valve that opens and closes when you turn the knob. Traditional two-handle faucets use compression valves that rely on a rubber washer to control water flow. These valves can wear down over time and leak - especially if the water is too hard or hot.
Easy to repair
If you've been having problems with your two-handle faucet, you can easily fix it. To do this, you'll need to remove the stem and valve. Remove the stem and valve from the faucet and inspect them for any damage. If you can see a small crack, you can use a screwdriver to remove it. If you find the stem has rusted out, you may need to call a plumber.
Most faucets have two handle cartridges. These faucets are easy to repair and are usually found in kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. If you can locate the brand name and model number of your faucet, you can easily fix it by yourself. When working with water, you should wear appropriate safety gear, such as a rubber gloves and eye protection. To replace the cartridge, simply unscrew the valve stem and remove the handle.